In the world of golf, the Ben Hogan swing is legendary. Every golfer in the world whether, competing professionally or playing the sport only as a form of leisure, know how amazing Hogan is. He has won numerous golf tournaments with his infamous swing. As such, many golfers want to know the secret behind his always on point swing. They want to find out so they can apply it to their own game and win as many tournaments as Hogan did.

People often speculate what the exact secret is because not even Mr. Hogan himself has revealed it to the world. Sure, he has released several books that claim to tell you his secret, but it has thus far still remained elusive. People have turned to dissecting his swing on their own by looking at footages of him while he plays golf.

Ben Hogan Swing Techniques

But what is the secret to Ben Hogan’s swing really?

The closest idea that Hogan has revealed comes from one of the many golf books written about him and his swing. In the book, it says that his incredible swing is not something that he was born into. He had to follow certain techniques and he practiced all the time in order to really find the best swing.

One of the main elements that people don’t factor in when playing golf is geometry. Because why would they? Geometry is far from anything that you would use as a technique for golf. Yet, many golf experts and books about Ben Hogan say that this was one of the things he used in his swing. He supposedly used angles to estimate the right spot to hit the ball in order to make it go wherever he wants it to go and do what he wants it to do.

If you think about it, geometry makes a lot of sense when it comes to golf. When you know the right place to hit the ball to manipulate it into following your command, you can easily make the ball go where you want it to.

Another element that factors in when it comes to Ben Hogan’s swing is practice. This should come as no surprise because every golfer knows that you need practice to get things right. Ben reportedly practiced his swing daily and diligently.

Many professional golfers can attest that practice does make you improve your golf game. Professional golfers just like Ben would be known to spend hours on the green and in golfing ranges just to get that perfect swing. The only difference with other golfers and Ben is he incorporated geometry in his swing.

Though these two elements of the Ben Hogan swing is important as a golfer you should also know that there are also several factors to consider to get a good game. There’s the wind factor, your own capabilities and your skill to consider too. Even your nerves have a lot of stake at the outcome of your game. So while these tips about Ben’s swing can help you the best thing to do is to still keep at it and keep playing the game. It’s through practice that you become better.



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Ben Hogan Swing Techniques Revealed

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