Are you trying to become a better golfer? If that’s your wish we can tell you, that you don’t have to search through library shelves anymore and spend countless hours searching for books online, as now you can find the three best books in the field of golf, who will help you become a better golfer in just a few weeks.

The three bestsellers mentioned below contain different tricks that professional players use to achieve incredible results.

Nowadays there are many books talking about golf available, but most of them don’t contain any information that is really useful. Mostly they simply talk about some golf basics and all contain the same content. However, there are some books, that contain completely the opposite and 3 of those will be presented in this article. They reveal many useful points that tell you how to really improve your game. The content also talks about a few tips and tricks that professionals use and were not known for a really long time.

Let us present them.

Best Golf Books

3 Best-selling books of all time that talk about golf:

The Simple Golf Swing:

Surely one of the best. It contains much useful information that is useful to beginners and also advanced and professional players. It clearly talks about the techniques to use, to achieve a perfect swing.

If we know how to do a good golf swing we will truly understand the game and fully experience it.

The book is, without a doubt, one of the best and is a must to read if you want to discover the true light of the sport and fully enjoy the game.

You can find the book on the following website:

7 Shortcuts To Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking:

Another great book which contains a great amount of educational material. Once you read it you will surely discover a few tips how to swing the ball further away.

Jeff Richmond will reveal some of the biggest golf secrets. He will talk about tricks that some of the best players around the world use. You will exclusively discover some of Ben Hogan’s secrets.

The book is especially useful for those that want to discover the truth of this sport and for those, who want to discover some tricks that are used by some of the best golfers.

On the website: you can find the book that we promise contains some of the biggest Ben Hogan’s secrets!

Body For Golf:

At the moment this one is, without a doubt, one of the best golf books that can be found online. Susan Hill is a fitness trainer for golfers who helped to improve the game of many professional players.

If you want to discover the true essence of this sports and find ways how to improve the game, this book will surely help you, as Susan Hill shared only the best parts of her knowledge.

All fans of the sport should read this book as it will surely leave you speechless, as it presents the sport in a different light.

On the website:  you can check out why the book really is the best.


And that is the end – we just presented 3 bestsellers that talk about golf. Each book mentioned above has its pros and cons but they’re surely worth reading. Each and every one of them will teach you something new and unknown about the sport.

That is it for today and until next time. The entire team wishes you a great golf day :). Enjoy the beautiful day. If you read any of the books mentioned above, we’ll be more than happy to read your personal opinion, which you can write in the comments below. (You can let us know which book is the best in your opinion).


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The 3 Best Golf Books That Every Golfer Should Own

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