To learn about golf, you really need to get out there and whack some balls around the green. But to really learn about technique and form and to enhance your skill, you will need to also supplement your game by learning from golf books.

If you check out a book shop or even online, you will see hundreds of books on golf from various authors who have had plenty of success in their games. You can see books written by coaches, former champions, and current golf tournament winners. There are even instructional books from pros that teach about their various techniques and tricks. Choosing one will help you learn about things like these five important lessons:

Golf Books

1.The different uses of your clubs:

As a first time golfer, using an entire set of clubs can be truly intimidating. If you prefer not to take lessons from a golfing instructor, you can learn the purpose of all these gold clubs from golf books. You’ll usually find illustrations of the different golf clubs with their various uses and advantages of using them for certain shots and surfaces. Although a trainer may introduce these to you, it’s still nice to have a written reference.

2.The proper technique:

Unless you had your own golf trainer, you probably started out just swinging golf clubs without care in a driving range. That’s how some people start playing golf. If you really want to know the proper technique, you should consult books about golf. These books have illustrated step by step process on how to properly strike the golf ball and at what angles to get it to go where you want it to go.

3.Rules of playing golf:

If you plan on playing professional golf, you could find out the pro rules when you consult with golf books. Books will teach you the rules such as marking your ball on the green, how many tries you can attempt in a sand bar, what happens when you get your ball in the water and other important things that will matter when you play professionally.

4.Special moves and tricks that are allowed:

Unlike basketball, there are very few tricks that you can do while playing. Despite this, there are still limits to the tricks that you can do. Read books on golf to know what they are and when they are allowed.

5.Mental conditioning:

Golf requires a lot less physical exertion than many other sport. It’s not as strenuous as basketball or weight lifting. But one bad shot could ruin the entire game for you. That bad shot can take root in your mind and psych you out into playing a bad game. The lessons in books on golf teach you how to condition your mind so you don’t get affected by one bad shot. It teaches you how to be focused on your game instead of focusing on the mistake that you made. It also teaches you how to handle yourself in pressure situations.

Golf books are great for references for when you need to know more about golf. They give you ideas on how to improve your game. Pick up a golf book today and see what amazing things you can learn from them.




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Five Lessons That I’ve Learned From Golf Books

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