Many people are looking for best-selling books, that talk about golf. That is not surprising, as any passionate golfer surely wants to read a bestseller, that reveals some new and useful information about the sport.

If you’re a passionate golfer yourself you surely searched the key words „golf books“  in the web store Amazon before.

If you wanted to find the best books listed on the website, you had to filter the search results as -“Most reviews.“

Using such a filter reveals only the most selling products on the chosen website.

Purely for being listed on the web store Amazon, we can be sure, that the books are good, as the website is one of the largest and most knows online stores around the entire world.

best selling golf books

The golf books listed before are the best-selling ones!

Ben’s Hogan Five Lessons:

Ben Hogan was one of the best and most famous golfers. His book sold more than one million copies on Amazon itself. We can say that it is a best-seller as it has also received more than 1700 comments from its readers – golf lovers.

The Bigg Miss:

Author Hank Haney is also a writer, that created one of Amazon’s best-sellers. His e-book has more than 500 comments and has a 4-star ranking on a 5-star scale.

The book is appropriate for all Tiger Woods fans, as Hank Haney was his trainer between the years 2004 and 2010. Hank talks about the wider spectrum of living life as a trainer.

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect:

Another bestseller that can be found on Amazon. It presents the sport in a slightly different light. The author Dr. Bob Rotella talks about the sport in a different way that we are used to.

He thinks that a good game requires much more than just good technique. The game is not perfect. Each player must make his own path that is followed by fun and confidence.

Bob Rotella said that that is the way to victory! You should surely read the book if you want to take a look at the sport from a different perspective.

You just read about the three best-sellers that every passionate golfer should read. If you’re one yourself you should definitely add the books mentioned above to your collection.



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Best Selling Golf Books On The Internet

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