Golf is a sport that people often dismiss as an easy sport mainly because it is not as strenuous as basketball or football. But just because it isn’t as exhausting as these other sports, it does not mean that it is a walk in the park. If this was true, then everyone would be playing perfect games. The truth is that golfers still commit mistakes left and right due to many different factors. In fact, golf is one game that is so easy to mess up.

Take a look at the 7 biggest golf mistakes that golf players, both amateur and professionals sometimes make:

Golf mistakes

1.Not getting the right equipment:

Golf players start learning to play golf with clubs that are considered standard sizes or ‘one size fits all’ type of clubs. These are great to start with and to learn with but, in order to elevate your game, you need your own personally fitted golf clubs. This is because these clubs will help you swing better, hit the ball correctly, and improve your posture.

2.Going for almost impossible shots:

One of the most common golf mistakes that people make is over reaching. They see a tough course and, for some reason, they have this urge to conquer it. They become focused on getting through the green faster than average golfers can. This could end up as a frustrating experience. Take each hole one at a time. Choose a course that you can navigate well and have a good game on.

3.Not practicing enough:

Like any other sport, practice makes perfect. Not practicing enough is one of the most common mistakes that people make because they underestimate the amount of practice that it takes to become good at the game. If you really want to become a better player, practice regularly and evaluate your performance for points for improvement.

4.Not warming up:

Amateur golfers often do not realize the importance of warming up. Even if you are going through the course in a golf cart and walking at a leisurely pace, you need your muscles to be warm and nimble. When you do not warm up, your muscles will be stiff and your swing will be stiff as well.

5.Swinging too hard:

It’s not always all about how hard you swing the club. What’s more important in the game of golf is precision. Practice your form and technique regularly. As you master these, you will find yourself improving your game.

6.Timing is off:

A golf swing that’s timed perfectly looks unhurried and flows naturally. Many people make the mistake of rushing to make their swing. They end up hitting the ball too soon or too late. Pace yourself properly and learn to control the timing of your swings to become a better golfer.

7.A very tight grip:

A tight grip is probably a result of swinging too hard or too fast. Make your grip less tight and experiment with different grips. See how each grip affects your swing. A very tight grip looks stiff and awkward. Relax and get an idea of how the golf club feels on your hand. Have a good feel of how tight your grip should be for the best swing.

These golf mistakes can be avoided and remedied easily. Once you become aware of these mistakes, make sure to correct them ASAP or you risk looking silly in the green in front of all your friends.



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7 Biggest Golf Mistakes That Every Golfer Must Avoid

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