One of the ways golfers give back to their fans is to help them improve their game. Some do this by opening golf clinics where they personally help others get better at the game. For other people, they write a book to make their service available to more people. Tiger Woods is no exception. He too has written several incredible books about golf.

You might wonder: ’what’s so trendy about Tiger Woods’ book that everyone can’t seem to get enough of it? Check out these reasons why people love it.

Tiger Woods Book

1.Books from Tiger Woods are the stuff of legends:

A book on his autobiography, for example, gives you an insight of how Woods started and how he got better at playing golf. It shows you his struggles as a player and his own personal struggles in life. These will teach you that there’s more to Tiger than his golf swing, trophies, and wins. He too has gone through so much to get to where he is today.

2.He takes you on a journey:

His books about his story from the Masters to the other great golfing competitions will inspire you to become better at playing golf because you will be able to relate to Tiger’s journey from the start. His books will make you feel like you too can become the next Tiger Woods by reliving his journey to greatness through his books.

3.It has great tips and tricks:

Tiger Woods is known all over the world for his many trick shots. He loves to put a show for the audience and to make playing golf less stiff and more accessible to the people outside the golfing community. His books include so many great stories and instructions on how you too can do some of his best trick shots.

4.The instructions have great information on how Tiger Woods plays:

Flipping through the glossy pages of his book will allow you to “see” Tiger in action. His books are full of easy to understand instructions on how you can imitate Tiger’s swings. Read the book, visualize yourself as you go through each step, and then try it on the green or at the driving range and see if your swing improves.

5.It shows you a glimpse of Wood’s personal life:

People are often interested in what has shaped Tiger Woods to be the person he is today. His book is full of snippets of his personal life and what made him the man that he is today. In his books, he talks about his family, children, and friends and how they have shaped his career. It’s always interesting to read about a celebrity’s life in his own words and Tiger’s book did not disappoint in this regard.

Whether you love Tiger’s books or not is a matter of preference. For some, his books are considered holy grails of golfing information. For others, however, they are just like any other normal golfing book you seen in the bookstore. Before you form any opinion about a Tiger Woods’ book, it’s better that you read it and find out for yourself what a great inspiration his life can be.


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What’s So Trendy About Tiger Woods Book That Everyone Loves It?

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