Mention the name Tiger Woods and you’ll get responses that range from “one of the best athletes in the world” to “Lord of the Greens” and so much more. He is indeed a great athlete and has been a great inspiration for golfers young and old. Nearly every golfer strives to be like him on the green. People especially liked to find out what Tiger Woods tricks are in order to try them on their own game.

People would think that the tricks of Tiger Woods are all about skill and his athleticism. There is truth in this, of course, because Tiger’s skill in golf is truly amazing. He would practice day in and day out just to get that perfect swing. You’d find him in golf courses in different parts of the world just so he can improve his skill. He does not just play in one golf course in order to challenge his mind and his abilities.

The other part that makes his tricks great is Tiger Woods’ mental ability. His ability to control his thoughts after a bad or good shot is one of the most important things that a golfer can learn. Here are some of this golf legend’s tricks that he reportedly puts to use when he plays in tournaments:

Tiger Woods Tricks Revealed

1.He keeps memories of good shots and does not think of the bad:

This kind of thinking gave Tiger Woods many PGA Tour wins and hundreds of tournament wins all over the world. Tricks such as this are more about mental conditioning. What he does is when he hits a good shot he commits that shot to mind so that his body will remember that great feeling it felt. This makes it easier for the mind to retrieve that good memory and hopefully, replicate that good shot.

2.Twirling his club:

If you watch Tiger Woods play you will notice that after a particularly good shot he would twirl his club. Twirling indicates that he likes the shot and it’s his own way of signaling his brain to save or to keep that memory of the great shop in mind. If you want to follow Tiger Woods tricks you should also try to do some similar anchoring or storing of your great swings in your mind. You can try transferring your club in your hands three times or something to help your mind store that memory better.

3.10 Step Rule:

One of the tricks of Tiger Woods in overcoming a bad shot is walking ten steps calmly. This allows his mind time to get rid of the bad feelings associated with the bad shot. Once he has cleared his mind of the bad shots he can focus on making great shots and winning the game. This is one of the many Tiger Woods tricks that you can even apply in real life situations.

Use these tricks to help improve your game and give you the edge over your opponents. Surprise them with how much you have improved. You might be surprised too when you find that these simple tricks really do work wonders for your game.




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Tiger Woods Tricks Revealed – How They’re Really Done

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